Dryer Vent Cleaning in Vancouver

A clogged or dirty dryer vent can make it seem like your dryer is taking too long to dry or even that it’s broken. Many times this simply isn’t the case. Years of drying can accumulate massive amounts of lint in places like your fan compartment and ducting, leading to decreased performance from your dryer. At Home-Plus Duct Cleaning, our certified technicians will clean out your vents and ductwork, ensuring that your dryer is at its most efficient.

If you are a property manager, we can also tend to all the dryer vents in your entire community, no matter how large the project may be. We are even able to handle the cleaning of dryer vents in high rise buildings and clean them from both the inside and the outside to ensure all debris is thoroughly removed. Call us today to take a look at your dryer vents and ducts. We will ensure your home receives the best dryer vent cleaning service the Vancouver area offers.

Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning in Burnaby and Surrounding Areas

One of our main services includes residential dryer vent cleanings. Dryer vent cleanings are hugely significant in keeping your appliance running at full capacity and in preventing potential home fires. If you’re one with a big family you probably use your dryer constantly to keep up with all the laundry your children can accumulate during the school week. That’s why proper safety precautions including a thorough professional clean should be taken. Home-Plus Duct Cleaning can provide dryer vent cleaning in Burnaby for all of the following:

  • Residential and commercial vents and ductwork
  • Commercial laundry
  • Central laundry
  • Single and multi-unit
  • Complexes
  • Town houses
  • High rises

Prevent Risk of Fires with Regular Dryer Vent Cleaning

Everyone knows that dryer lint screens need to be cleaned out after each drying cycle. What most people don’t know is that small amounts of lint can get through the trap and into your dryer ducting. Over time, this can cause a buildup of lint, creating a fire hazard. If it takes more than 30 minutes to dry a regular-sized load of t-shirts or your dryer feels extremely hot to the touch—it needs to be checked out. Contact Home-Plus Duct Cleaning for all of your dryer vent cleaning needs in Burnaby.

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