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Our Residential Duct Cleaning Process

The entire process takes approximately 2 hours total. We access to each outflow vent and the return air grills, and the furnace area as well. We clean the supply and return ducting and each vent.

Next we use negative air pressure along with high-pressure air-agitation tools to disturb and draw the dust and debris into our vacuum. Once the cleaning is done we lightly air-wash the furnace and change its filter.

At the end we offer a complimentary all-natural disinfectant that we spray into the entire ventilation system.

Here is our complete list of steps:

Step 1 · Access the furnace area. Test the system.

Step 2 · Count all the vents, including return air vents.

Step 3 · Cut key access holes in supply and return ducting.

Step 4 · Hook up vacuum to main ducting.

Step 5 · Close supply and return vents off.

Step 6 · Blow high-pressure air with airline into each vent, sending dust and debris back down into main ducting.

Step 7 · Air-rake main ducting with hi pressurized air-agitation tools, disturbing and drawing dust and debris into vacuum.

Step 8 · Lightly air wash furnace.

Step 9 · Optional all natural disinfectant spray.

Step 10 · Complimentary basic filter replacement.

Step 11 · Patch access holes and retest system.

Step 12 · Clean all workspace and leave your home as it was.

It's important to us that our clients understand every step of the process. We often make suggestions and provide extra information that our clients find useful. If you understand how the process works and exactly what we're doing, you can be more confident in the results we provide.

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