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Our clients are our best referrals. At Homeplus Duct Cleaning we always make sure to do the job right on every job, every time. You can read more about what our customers have to say below. Call us to get an estimate for your home or business.

Jason came on time and provided excellent service just as Yelp reviewers have stated. He cleaned about 20 vents including two dryer vents and 4 bathroom vents without additional cost.

Jason was very professional, honest, and explained everything he was doing. He showed me what he saw and offered helpful suggestions. I would definitely use them again!

R.P. (from Yelp)

Jason did a great job with his helper. More expensive than some of the discount companies that send flyers around. But, when it comes to thoroughly cleaning your ducts every couple of years, it seems to me that a little more expensive is better. Thanks Jason.

S.W. (from Yelp)

Wow, we just had Jason come service our dryer and vent ducts. He went over and above to ensure our ducts were cleaned perfectly. The due diligence was so appreciated. I would highly recommend using their services!

Kathryn P. (from Yelp)

Had these guys over on Friday to clean my ducts! Had never been done!!! If you're in the Greatver Vancouver area I'd highly recommend you call these guys. Especially before the cold comes back. Or if you're asthmatic or just like a clean house.

Franz Surrey (from Facebook)

I am writing on behalf of the Board of Directors of De Cosmos Village Housing Cooperative in reference to Homeplus Duct Cleaning.

We manage a housing complex of 110 townhouse units in Vancouver, B.C. and in January 2017 we contracted with Homeplus to clean all the ducts and dryer vents in every unit. Jason, the owner of Homeplus, provided us with an entire daily schedule of appointments, along with clear instructions and helpful hints. Jason and his crew were always punctual and efficient.

The feedback we received from our Membership about Homeplus has been overwhelmingly positive. Many remarked on how helpful, courteous and considerate they were. We were especially glad that Jason did not hesitate to assist our elderly and/or disabled with moving household items, in order to get the work done. Another impressive aspect of their work was how accommodating they were to the large number of our Members who needed to be rescheduled or forgot their appointments. And throughout, Jason remained cheerful, positive and updated our project coordinators on a regular basis.

Upon completions of the work, we were pleasantly surprised to find that our Members actually felt the difference in their homes, with the heating systems improved and cleaner air. And of course our Board is relieved to know that the risk of dryer fires is minimized.

With their competitive rates and excellent work, we concluded that it’s money well spent, and would not hesitate to recommend Homeplus to other owners or managers.

Yours truly,

Linda Mead
President, De Cosmos Village Housing Co-operative

This is probably the best Duct cleaning service in town. Unlike those annoying cold calling big duct cleaning companies. Jason cares and is serious about his work. 5 stars all the way!

Ginger L (from Yelp)

I am happy that I went with Jason and even though he was short handed he was pleasant and professional. Highly recommend them.

Kathy D.
February 14, 2017

I had Jason come clean the ducts in my client's heritage home in Queen's Park New Westminster. He did a great job, was on time and professional and didn't mind answering all of my random questions.

After he was finished, he showed me a short video of the extent of debris in one of the vents. I could tell immediately afterwards that the air quality and smell had improved in the home.

I'd be happy to recommend him to anyone.

Jeremy R.
May 4, 2016

I hired these guys based on the rating from Yelp and was not disappointed. They showed up on time and they are very friendly guys. We were moving stuff out of the house while they were working and they were not fazed. They know what they are doing and they did a great job and at a reasonable price. It was a stress free experience and I recommend them.

Lester M.
August 23, 2015

I used Homeplus Duct Cleaning the day after I moved into my new home. The previous owners had a large doc that shed a lot, so I wanted to make sure that all the vents in my new home were cleaned.

They arrived promptly at the set time of the appointment. I was really impressed with how hard they worked. I was really impressed with the quality of their work. They even had video showing exactly what they cleaned and what the ducts looked like before and after the cleaning.

Very friendly and very professional, I would recommend them to my friends and family.

Priscilla G.
December 23, 2014

Professional, time and cost as quoted, did a great job, explained everything and showed me condition and progress as they worked. Thank you.

Mandy Cornall (from Facebook)

To Whom It May Concern, I write this letter in recommendation of Homeplus Duct Cleaning. I had the pleasure of working with Homeplus Duct Cleaning on several of our strata properties. They have been prompt to respond to requests, and the strata councils are very happy with the quality of their work and expertise. We will definitely continue to use their services and feel confident in recommending them.

Thank You.

Yours Truly,

Grant Hastings, Managing Broker
Premier Strata Services Inc
September 26, 2014

I am a new homeowner and we just moved into our detached home last year. Never really given any thought to air duct cleaning, but we figured we needed to get the dryer duct cleaned since our dryer takes a long time to dry. I searched on the internet for a company and called a few. Homeplus Duct Cleaning gave a good quote and their website looked good, so we decided to go with them. They showed up at our house on time and immediately explained to me what they are going to do, including how much time it is going to take.

Throughout the entire service, they walked me through the process and explained to me why they did certain things, what to watch out for, and what a non-legit company would do. They even invited me down into my crawl space to see [what] my air ducts looked like before the cleaning and after. They were upfront about the pricing and I paid what they quoted me when I first called. I was very satisfied with their service and quite impressed on how professional they are. I will be calling them every year to get my dryer duct cleaned, and once every 2 years for my air ducts.

Thank you Homeplus. See you guys next year.

Thank you.

Yours Truly,

Marshall W.
April 22, 2014

To whom it may concern,

I recently hired Homeplus Duct Cleaning to clean my dryer duct at my residence. After speaking with several companies, I found Jason Gray, the co-owner, to be professional and knowledgeable on the phone.

The workmanship was excellent, and he offered to show me the results with his own mirror. The equipment was clean, and they were respectful of the surroundings. Jason was courteous and did his work with great pride.

I would be glad to recommend Homeplus Duct Cleaning to anyone that needs their ducts cleaned.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


Bal G.
December 12, 2012

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