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You and Your Family's Health

Many of our customers say they feel the air is cleaner and that they breathe easier after we clean their ducts. Read on to discover more health reasons why you might think it might be time to have your ducts cleaned.

Dust Accumulation
Over time dust accumulates in your home's duct system, where it is later stirred up and re-released back into your home when your HVAC appliances are active. Each time you turn on your heater or air conditioner you and your family could be breathing in free-floating dust particles. Even when your vents are clean there could be parts of your internal ductwork that have accumulated dust.

Mold and Fungi
If your home is damp dust could possibly promote the growth of mold or fungi in your ductwork. Damp dust could act as a growing place for unhealthy microbes, which you would later breathe when air passes through your home's duct system.

Construction Dust and Debris
After home construction projects there is a buildup of different types of dusts, such as wood, plaster, paint, stucco, drywall, and more. While your HVAC system is active these chemical dusts are re-released back into your home, into the air you breathe, causing short and long term health problems.

Animals and Ducts
Insect and rodent infestations in your ducts are highly undesirable. Cleaning the ducts helps prevent the accumulation of particles that attract these unwanted critters. Your pet's hair and skin particles can also get sucked into the ducts or fall into the floor vents, returning back into the air when your HVAC system is turned on. Our experts can clean out all these unwanted animal dusts.

Asthma and Other Symptoms
If someone at home has been suffering from allergies, asthma, or any other unexplained illnesses cleaning your ducts may help alleviate these health problems. Unwanted particles floating in the air can agitate the body's lungs and airways, making it difficult to breathe and possibly causing short and long-term health problems.

New Homes
We at Homeplus Duct Cleaning believe that the best time to clean your ducts is when buying a completely new home. Just because your home is 100% new doesn't mean that your ducts will be clean: there is a lot of construction that goes on after the duct system has been installed. Contstruction workers often run the furnace during construction, pulling wood and drywall dust into the system. It's always a safe option to have your newly-constructed home's ducts cleaned before settling in.

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Energy Efficiency and HVAC Savings

Health concerns aren't the only reason to have your home's duct systems cleaned. There are also significant energy and efficiency benefits. There is strong evidence that cleaning your HVAC's cooling coils, fans, and heating exchangers can help reduce energy costs through improved heat conductivity.

Dust and debris on your HVAC appliances make it harder for to heat or cool your home, straining your HVAC system and shortening its life overall. A clean HVAC system means energy savings and avoiding buying new HVAC appliances in the near future.

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Dryer Vent Safety and Fire Prevention

Every year thousands of homes across Canada catch fire from clogged dryer vents, leading to smokey residences or — at the worst — lost homes. This is because of the buildup dryer lint, which clogs the back of the dryer, the dyer duct and the dryer vent. Cleaning these components regularly helps prevents the risk of fire, and also helps you save energy through a more efficient dryer.

Warning Signs of a Clogged Dryer

· Your clothes take longer to dry than normal
· The dryer is hotter to the touch than usual
· Your clothes are hotter than normal after drying
· There is a burnt smell after the drying
· Your laundry room is more humid than normal
· The vent flappers on the outside of your home don't open very wide, indicating that there is debris clogging the dryer duct

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